Valheim Coming To Crossplay Tomorrow With Its Game Pass Appearance

Valheim, an excellent survival game developed by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain, has been a wild success since its release on PC and Mac via Steam. A title that immerses you in a 1 to 10 player Viking adventure is coming to PC Game Pass tomorrow, and the developers are launching a feature that will be very useful in a few months.

The crossplay feature will be integrated tomorrow in patch 0.211.7.

Indeed, even though Valheim is joining PC Game Pass tomorrow, console players will still have to patiently work through their issues before getting their hands on the Viking survival game. An early 2023 release on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One was made official last June, as was crossplay between consoles and PC.

However, yesterday Iron Gate teams announced in a Steam article that cross-play will be integrated into Valheim tomorrow, meaning PC and console players will be able to play together once the game is released on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox. . One. Great news that will attract many players from the Microsoft ecosystem, not counting on the immediate appearance of Valheim in Xbox Game Pass.

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