Valheim, guide to getting started: some tips to know

News tip Valheim, guide to getting started: some tips to know

In early access for a few days, Valheim is a huge sandbox where the player must survive in environments inspired by Norse mythology. Getting started can be difficult in the harsh environment at times, which is why we’ve put together a guide to getting you started in Valheim.

Well received by critics, including a 15/20 in our columns, Valheim is a survival game available in early access on PC. As a great sandbox, it can be hard to find your bearings when you first start out in Valheim, which is why in our comprehensive guide to Valheim we have prepared some tips for you to get you started on Valheim.

The beginnings: creating your character

When you launch Valheim for the first time, you are offered to create a character that you can customize: gender, physical appearance, skin color, hair, hair, etc. You will also need to give your character a name.

You can also customize your commands according to your convenience, keyboard / mouse, controller, or hybrid. The controller is still not easily supported, we advise you to play with keyboard / mouse. Finally, you can create your world and name it with the name of your choice.

Valheim, guide to getting started: some tips to know

Your first steps on the island

You will be let loose on the island, without equipment or weapons, totally on your own. Your only ally will be in the environment: a few birds scattered around the world map will give you some advice when you interact with them.

As you explore, your stats will increase: swimming, jumping, armed or unarmed combat. You would have understood it : it is above all thanks to your growing experience that you will be able to progress in Valheim, by exploring the places mainly.

Valheim, guide to getting started: some tips to knowValheim, guide to getting started: some tips to know

The craft

It is by collecting various items on your island that you can craft weapons and equipment (shields) to help you in your survival. You will also be able to “cook” elements of flora and fauna collected on the map to regenerate your health. On this occasion, we will offer you a detailed guide to crafting in Valheim.

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