Valorant: discover Gekko, a new agent and his new skills!

Valorant is proud to present its new Agent with special skills and style of its own! Discover the so-called Gekko, who is leading a very interesting little team that intends to mark the beginning of this second act of the 6th episode of the series.

🎮 Valorant Game 🗺️ Agent Gekko Character 📍 Theme New Valorant Gekko Agent Skills 📅 Game Initial Release Date June 2, 2020

For the second episode of the 6th episode of their now iconic saga, publishing studios Riot Games are introducing a new character into the game, interesting in many ways. Gekko, an agent with a well-developed and highly visible visual identity, will mark this new chapter of the game with his indelible mark Since the release of Valorant in June 2020, the title has continued to be updated with its potential agents. .

Gekko is the 22nd agent of the fantasy title from Riot Games. The tactical shooter brings on the scene Gekko or Mateo for friends, a young man with a friendly appearance who is not very popular in the Los Angeles area. But our new hero is somewhat different from his predecessors, because he decided to fight and continue his quest, accompanied by friends who follow him everywhere.

Gekko, the new agent is not alone

Considered one of the Initiators, Gecko leads a small gang of five, including four fantastic creatures. These creatures that accompany him everywhere, especially in frenzied confrontations, are called:

  • twirl;
  • Altego;
  • Pogo;
  • Mordicus.

Gekko skills

These little pocket-sized monsters fit next to our hero and are literally his special skills. As seen in the New Initiator gameplay trailer, Gekko’s boyfriends are just as useful in combat, if not more than his sidearms.

Twirl. We start this list of expensive companions and agent Gekko skills with Verty. Halfway between a bird and an earthworm, this little friend of our hero turns out to be a real projectile, once launched into the air. His shots are plasma-based, allowing him to partially blind enemies. Verti has a relatively short cooldown after use, only you have to remember to pick it up immediately after reloading to keep counting it in your arsenal.

Altego – Altego is the second of our agent Gekko’s four friends. With an appearance close to the emperor penguin, this monster made a splash in the video presentation of the new Valorant character. Aside from the “kawaii” (Japanese for “cute”) appearance, Altego’s main mission is to return more or less accurate information about the number of enemies ahead. His special ability is to stun the enemy in front of him with a flap of his wings once he has scared them off. After turning into a dormant globule, you can always recover to continue using his special ability.

Pogo – Pogo, that somewhat idiosyncratic companion of Gekko, who gives a certain advantage in battle. As a mini explosive cocktail, the little green orb has nothing cute about the damage it does. Pogo has the ability to outline a relatively large area in its entirety, in which all nearby enemies are severely damaged by its explosion. Our agent can use it in a free throw or call, but it cannot be used indefinitely after one use, as with other monsters.

Mordicus – Mordicus looks more like a fish than anything else. This little monster Agent Gekko has a habit of rushing at nearby enemies very quickly and ending his race with a small jump at the opponents. However, full control over the run remains with the player 5 seconds before the impact. In most cases, this is enough to destroy enemies, but it will not be possible to use it more than twice.

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