Vaonis Vespera Smart Telescope: $500 Black Friday Savings

Save $500 (will open in a new tab) for the new Vaonis Vespera smart telescope at B&H with a Black Friday discount that will last through the weekend.

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Vaonis VE50 Vespera Exploration Station Digital Telescope and gave it a solid 4.5/5 stars for its beginner-friendly yet incredibly powerful capabilities. Fully automated, this smart telescope is computerized and has the function to automatically navigate to celestial objects when users select an object on the smartphone app. It also has a built-in camera for taking astrophotos without the need for an external camera.

The interface is so simple and user-friendly that anyone with the app can get up and running in about five minutes – no more long process of aligning stars or knowledge of the night sky to view your favorite constellations, nebulae, star clusters, planets and more .

For the first time this Black Friday, we see the Vaonis Vespera at 20% off the original price. (will open in a new tab).

Screenshot of the stars with Vaonis Vespera smart telescope

Images such as the Dumbbell Nebula can be extracted as JPEG or TIFF files using Vaonis Vespera. (Image credit: Jamie Carter)

The futuristic design of the Vaonis Vespera is what really attracts astronomers. Traditional eyepieces and Barlow lenses are out of place in a fully automated telescope capable of automatically focusing on and photographing objects.

There’s even a real-time image overlay technology feature that allows astronomers to view the night sky in even greater detail than analog eyepieces ever could by creating long exposure images and overlaying them.

This smart telescope has a compact size of 15 x 8 x 3.5 inches / 38.1 x 20.3 x 8.9 cm and only weighs 11 lbs / 5 kg, so place it in your backpack to take with you on a night of observing stars, incredibly easy. Astronomy enthusiasts or aspiring telescope enthusiasts should take advantage of this incredible Vaonis Vespera Telescope Black Friday offer. (will open in a new tab) and it also suits higher level astronomers who are too busy to set up traditional telescopes and astro cameras but still want to go into space.

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