Various facts – Opponents of the coronavirus vaccine have come to dissuade young people from being vaccinated with the vaccine bus in Nevers

The incident occurred in Salengro Park, near the vacunbús, where the young people arrived to be vaccinated. Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, opponents of the Liberté 58 collective’s vaccination arrived, ten in all, to convince the adolescents not to do it, distributing leaflets.

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Next, the tone would be raised with the adults accompanying the youth. The municipal and national police were called in as reinforcements. The mayor also intervened on the spot. “Their very presence is a form of aggression. I accept it less with respect to minors. An adult can share and have free will, young people have their character, but they can be influenced. It is not normal, it is unconscious, it is irresponsible and it is not heading towards a return to real life. These minors, we did not go looking for them by force. I spoke to them, they knew what they were going to do, they made a decision. The group did not give them a good image and on the contrary reinforced their conviction. Also, no one has given up on getting vaccinated. His action was quite counterproductive, much better. “

“Don’t stop others from doing it”

Denis Thuriot continues: This group does not have to be there, period. They do not have to tell them that they are going to be “poisoned”, which is a form of misinformation. Let them stay home, we will not forcibly vaccinate them. But don’t let them stop others from doing it. I’ll secure the other vacinobus. We do this in the spirit of reaching immunity levels as soon as possible. Its action is an attack on the freedom to be vaccinated. In addition, they walk without masks, so they are potential groups ”.

“If there is something that constitutes a violation, I will not hesitate to file a complaint”

Denis Thuriot (mayor of Nevers)

“He will probably make a complaint” against the wheel and plans to do the same against the group, in accordance with what the law allows. “If there is something that is a fault, I will not doubt it,” he says, adding that “in the Nièvre, we have no more deaths at the moment, and it is due to vaccination.” “

“Our approach was altruistic”

The Freedom Collective 58 (empty)

A member of the Liberté 58 collective denies having spoken vehemently to the youth. “We were there to educate them and a manager looked down on us. We do this to defend our children and those of others, asking them if they know why they are being vaccinated. Because at 12-17 we listen to our parents without asking too many questions. We are not “awake” enough. Our approach was altruistic. We were not there to offend them, even if it was perceived as such ”, he says, denouncing the lack of hygiene to be vaccinated on a bus.

The collective is already announcing other actions to come.

Marlene martin


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