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Heating is necessary to ensure comfort in your house or apartment. To minimize costs while heating your home optimally, it is important to choose the most suitable heating system. To do this, you must first know the existing options and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Heating with heat pump

Heating your home with a heat pump or heat pump is the most environmentally friendly and economical solution. This heating system uses renewable energy sources including air, water and ground heat. Please note that there are 4 different types of heat pumps:

  • An air-to-air heat pump that extracts calories from outdoor air to heat a home.
  • An air/water heat pump operating on the same principle, but with the option of being connected to a central heating system.
  • Geothermal heat pump with sensors buried in the ground to extract heat from the earth’s crust and heat the coolant from the radiator.
  • A reversible heat pump that heats the house in winter and cools it in summer, a 2-in-1 device that provides both heating and air conditioning depending on the season.

Advantages of a heat pump

In addition to environmental friendliness and low energy consumption, the heat pump offers optimal comfort in terms of heating and use. Compact and efficient, it produces both heating and hot water. In addition, it is easy to install and does not emit smoke into the atmosphere. One device can heat the entire house, regardless of its size.

Disadvantages of a heat pump

Heat pumps have virtually no disadvantages. However, some models may be noisy. The performance may also depend on the outdoor temperature.

electric heating

Although electricity is expensive, electric heating systems are quite common in France, especially in smaller homes. Such a popular choice can be explained by the fact that electric heaters are easy to install and affordable.

Benefits of electric heating

As we just noted, practicality is the biggest advantage of this heating solution. In addition, some devices, such as inertial radiators, consume little. It is possible to choose a supplier using renewable energy sources.

Disadvantages of electric heating

This heating system is not suitable for large areas and remains more expensive than other alternatives in the long run. In addition, it produces dry heat, which is not always well distributed. Then he is not entitled to various benefits.

Gas boiler

The gas boiler is a hit with French households. Its biggest advantages are ease of use and economy. On the market you will find various types of gas boilers: conventional, low temperature and condensing.

Advantages of a gas boiler

This heating system produces soft and comfortable heat. In addition, the equipment and its installation are relatively affordable. Gas is also an inexpensive source of energy. You can increase the performance of your gas boiler by adding a thermostat and/or timer.

Disadvantages of a gas boiler

If you choose a natural gas boiler, you always need a gas connection in your city. For its part, a propane gas boiler must be connected to a storage tank. Therefore, it is cumbersome. In addition, propane is more expensive than natural gas. In addition, it is necessary to schedule one maintenance per year, whichever type of gas boiler you choose.

Oil heating

Oil heating can be interesting if your home is not connected to natural gas. On the other hand, it is necessary to provide a large space for installing the oil tank. We recommend a condensing oil fired boiler as it is more efficient than conventional low temperature oil fired boilers.

Benefits of oil heating

You can equip your oil fired boiler with home automation devices to optimize its efficiency and limit oil consumption to a strict minimum. Please note that an oil fired condensing boiler is eligible for assistance such as the Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE), Energy Bonus, and Zero Rate Eco Credit.

Disadvantages of oil heating

In addition to being more expensive than a gas boiler, an oil boiler is bulky. In addition, fuel oil pollutes the environment and its price fluctuates greatly.

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