Various topics on the front pages of Moroccan daily and weekly newspapers.

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Government actions, cannabis regulation issues and the promotion of the tourism sector are the main topics covered in Moroccan weeklies and dailies published this Saturday. very delicate economic situation, the government was trying to send encouraging signals to the public, just to prove to them that it exists and that it cares about its wallet. Doubling the Compensation Fund ceiling, increasing SMIG by 5% in industry, commerce and liberal professions and 10% SMAG (agriculture), removing customs duties on soft wheat, a tourism recovery plan, subsidies to help transport workers cope with rising fuel prices … – all the measures he initiated, the newspaper notes. Added to this are others provided for in the 2023 Finance Act, such as, among other things, income tax cuts to prevent inflationary pressures from spreading, he adds. However, citizens still get the impression that the executive branch is not doing enough because of their sense of inflation, because their purchasing power is still undermined by high prices, in particular for fuel, he points out. + La Vie éco +, which highlights the challenges of cannabis legalization, writes that Mohammed El Guerrouj, the first acting director general of the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis Activities, signed this week the first permits for cannabis processing and production activities for marketing and export for medical, pharmaceutical and industrial purposes. As part of this first wave of permits, at least ten operating licenses have been issued, a figure that says a lot about the potential attractiveness of the Kingdom for this sector, in which it has assets, the editor clarifies. The cannabis sector, which has developed underground, will gradually receive a protective legal environment to thrive. Admittedly, the 100,000 families currently voting there thanks to this crop (expanded by 55,000 hectares) could not be served initially, given that farmers will be granted permission gradually based on the needs expressed by the industrialists. So far, nothing has been filtered by the volumes to be ordered, or the areas to be mobilized, and even more so by the identity of the operators who won their sesame, but we bet that the jackpot will not be negligible when we we know that the market It is expected that by 2026 the global cannabis market will reach, according to experts, more than 90 billion dollars, he emphasizes. The deadline is when we see how today farmers will be stigmatized, earn a decent living and, above all, protected from drug trafficking networks that have previously become rich by the sweat of their brows, he notes. A revolution that will heal more the wounds of the Rif region, which still needs to catch up in development due to decades of isolation, he believes. +Le Matin+ reports that the Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineers (SMIT) has issued an appeal to show interest in the owners of kasbahs. The latter can apply between October 15 and November 15, 2022 to take advantage of the financial contribution of the state to restore and transform the kasbahs into tourist accommodations, as well as to create income-generating activities around these kasbahs. The assistance provided is set at 40% of the total investment, with a ceiling of AED 16 million per project. An initiative that gives new impetus to the tourism sector. The owners of the respective kasbahs will receive a financial contribution from the Hassan II Economic and Social Development Fund, equal to a maximum of 40% of the total investment, with a ceiling of AED 16 million on the institutional transformation project. accommodation for tourists.

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