VeChain: the project that exploded VET this week

VeChain is aiming higher and higher with a new project with global implications never seen before.

VeChain announces new targets

After years of working in the field of product tracking with crypto, VeChain continues to believe in the benefits of blockchain. Even though it 💖 already serves charities, the crypto project wants to achieve much more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, VeChain made a name for itself 💉 by allowing vaccine monitoring. Its new goals could make it a project with a global impact as the company intends to rely on the UN to achieve its sustainability goals.

Source: VeChain Twitter account

In an article published on Medium, VeChain explained that it wants to meet the 17 sustainability criteria set by the well-known organization.

Source: UN sustainability criteria.

Among them, respect for the environment through the creation of a low-carbon block chain, help in overall good health, or even the fight against poverty have already been achieved.

To the explosion in the coming days?

For now, the VeChain project is silent on the next criteria it would like to achieve. However, faced with a well-thought-out roadmap, investors supported the initiative without hesitation. Since the announcement by the VeChain Foundation, its native VET token has grown by 6%.

next courseSource: VET weekly price according to CoinMarketCap.

Faced with the popularity of its project, VeChain is stepping up monitoring of its progress, regularly generating new bursts of interest. As such, the token may continue to rise throughout the week, aided by the bull market. However, in February this phenomenon may begin to dry up.

Source: Brain2jene Twitter account.

There is hope on the part of his community that UN approval will allow his global adoption and restore his letters of nobility for cryptography. Obviously, the lure of profit and the expectation of a new explosion of VET are also present.

Moral of the story: VeChain proves to us that goodwill is always rewarded.

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