VelocityOne Rudder flight simulator presented by Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach has unveiled its new VelocityOne steering wheel, designed to provide more precise control in games and flight simulations. For compatibility with Windows PCs, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, the rudder requires VelocityOne Universal Flight Control to work on Xbox consoles.

The $300 VelocityOne steering wheel is now available for purchase in a twopedal configuration suitable for handling both light aircraft and heavy airliners. “The pedals feature a smooth handlebar axle and noncontact Hall sensors on all axles for a smooth ride and longer product life. Differential brakes provide tight turns and precise runway braking control, while replaceable springs and adjustable pedal width and shape provide added realism when flying a light aircraft, heavy airliner or fighter jet. ”

“VelocityOne Rudder is the next step in our quest to provide flight sim gamers with a modern and realistic flight control experience using the latest technology,” said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation. “From our booths at the RIAT and Miramar airshows to online flight simulator groups, the first reaction from the flight community to our new pedals has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of rebooting what consumers should expect from high quality flight simulator gaming accessories.”

Flight Simulation Rudder

– UltraSmooth Rudder Axle: Single returntocenter axis provides smooth, precise forward and backward movement with low friction for precise directional control. Frictionfree linear bearings provide smooth, precise and maintenancefree operation. Two sets of replacement springs for the main handlebar axle provide additional adjustment for the perfect feel.
– Differential Brakes: Springloaded brake pedals provide precise runway braking control or steering assistance with one pedal stroke at a time.
– Interchangeable Pedals: Two sets of interchangeable pedals are easy to replace and provide realistic light aircraft or airliner style pedal reproduction.
– Adjustable Pedal Width: Adjustable pedal width suits a wide range of users and aircraft types. Plus, when not in use, the adjustable base area provides convenient storage.
– Precise, durable axes: Noncontact Hall sensors on all axes provide high resolution data acquisition and longer life than standard potentiometers.
– Stable Mounting Solutions: Sturdy metal construction with rubber pads and floor mats provides a stable base on a wide variety of surfaces and is predrilled for permanent attachment to existing home cubicles.
– Universal PC compatibility: Connect a 2m USBC to USBA cable directly to a PC to add VelocityOne Rudder to an existing setup.
– Fly to Xbox: Press the mode button to switch from PC to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One using the included passthrough cable. Xbox consoles require the VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System.

Source: Turtle Beach

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