Vendée: they launch barter between companies

Nicolas Boucot and Gregoire Maheu created the rendi-renda market, specializing in the exchange between companies. (© 16/9)

“Give-give or return, as we say in Vendee“, Run Nicolas Boucot and Gregoire Mahe. The two Jonne did not go too far to create their own company. They were just trying to find a name in their dialect. And in the original culture of exchange for an economic model. Remains the spirit of the time, which they knew how to catch …

While nearly 91% of business leaders predict a drop in turnover, two in their 30s have come up with the good idea of ​​renewing the exchange of goods and services between businesses without passing by the silver box. A model inspired by the “barter” (barter in English) that exploded in the Anglo-Saxon world.


“During the crisis, turnovers and cash flows have melted. But companies have a lot of unused assets, ”they diagnosed during containment.

Two friends, inseparable from the moment they met on the benches at Kastler-Gitton High School, got it into their heads to “identify the needs and potential of companies: equipment, storage facilities, business skills … and introduce them to them. at the market:

Once the membership has been confirmed on the platform, refunds are credited to the account (exchange indicator: one refund = one euro), each buyer can shop.

“You have an unoccupied room, planning time, a car … you can trade it for digital printing, accounting, audiovisual production, financial advice. And the deal is complete. Bring her back. “

Be careful, “this is not a currency or a cryptocurrency, but only a network specific unit.”

According to the Venetians, by using idle resources, they can save “from 3 to 5% additional turnover for partner companies.”

About ten of them have already joined the project, including 16 / 9th in Herbiers, Accior in La Roche or even in a printing house Belz… Which is already offered by about thirty proposals.

Conquest of Europe

The concept was also liked by the Vendée Entrepreneurship Network, “moved by the idea of ​​fostering local exchanges and local relations.”

To begin with, the club provided them with a loan of 15,000 euros. The amount was invested, in particular, in the construction of the trading platform, which will begin work in mid-June.

A gateway to the Internet for capturing a still virgin market nationwide. Terra Incognita, who is thirty-something, trained in management and commerce, is eager to bite: “We want to become the French and European leader in business-to-business exchange. “

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