Verification Passed: No, COVID vaccines are free of toxins

Having said that, however, “no excess mortality” does not mean that stories of heart problems are unfounded. In Israel, there is indeed a very large number of “myocarditis” (inflammation of the heart muscle) in young men, from 5 to 25 times more than usual. US health care also saw a similar trend in late May.

However, it should be noted that this is not necessarily serious. According to English cardiologist Sam Mohiddin, who recently commented on this story, myocarditis is quite common in young men and is usually caused by natural infections. The cases reported in Israel and the United States were mostly mild, as is often the case. Both countries continue to recommend vaccination to this demographic, believing that the benefits clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

There is also no evidence of a link to the COVID vaccine – more specifically to the Pfizer vaccine, which is by far the main vaccine used in Israel – either. But we must admit that these stories of myocarditis in young men, while not being a reasonable cause for concern at this point, are not without merit either. It will be later.

This brings me to case DR Brian Bridle. DR Bridle is a true virology researcher at the University of Guelph – in veterinary medicine, but nonetheless – he made some very panicky comments on Canadian radio that were backed up by a notorious repeat offender fake news, website FranceSoir. Essentially, DR Bridle said the COVID “spike protein” that the virus uses to attach to our cells is toxic to humans. However, since the vaccines currently approved in Canada are to get our cells to temporarily produce this viral protein so that our immune system can recognize it, the researcher believes “we made a mistake.” This is all the more serious since the vaccines do not stay at the injection site (shoulder) as expected, but these spicules seem to enter the bloodstream and are distributed throughout the body where (always according to D.R Bridle), they will cling to specific receptors in our cells, causing clots and inflammation.

This could explain virtually all of the serious side effects reported so far from vaccines, he said. Except that this idea has at least three (very) big problems.

one) As the University of Guelph molecular cardiology researcher Glen Pyle noted in May, the viral protein our cells make after vaccination is not exactly like a viral protein. It has been modified precisely so that it does not cling to our cells, so the mechanism proposed by DR The bridle is simply impossible.

2) DR Bridle cites two studies to show that the vaccine “leaves” the injection site: a report in Japan and a study at Harvard. But the problem is, contrary to what FranceSoir and other genre sources claim, the Japanese report was about rats, not people, and never measured protein. Spicule, but rather an indirect indicator that reduces its results. reliable. Regarding the Harvard study, which examined blood tests of 13 health care workers who received the Modern vaccine, D.R The bridle goes far beyond what its authors were. The article did find (and its lead author, researcher David Walt confirmed this to me in an e-mail) that overall the vaccine works as expected, but it does appear that there are tiny amounts of viral protein entering the bloodstream. which is relatively surprising since it was actually expected to remain completely at the injection site. But it’s not at all clear if this has any impact. And by themselves, these data are not a cause for concern at the moment, because the concentrations found in the blood were infinitely small.

3) Finally, if the spike proteins that our cells make after vaccination were indeed dangerous toxins, we must very often observe harmful effects after injections. However, serious “unusual clinical manifestations” are very rare: less than 6 per 100,000 doses in Quebec. And the main problem with vaccines that has arisen so far (assuming they are caused by vaccines, which has yet to be proven) is a very rare form of “deep thrombosis” in the body. The incidence in the brain is about 4 per million and cases of myocarditis, which are also called “rare” by the CDC.


Mostly a lie. Fears about myocarditis do not arise out of nowhere, perhaps this is a side effect (rare and rather mild, but still) of the COVID vaccine. But the stories of excessive mortality in Israel and vaccines that cause our cells to produce toxins are not supported by the facts.

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