Véronique Sobot becomes CEO of Simplon Computerworld

Simplon has announced the appointment of Vronik Sobot as Managing Director. It will provide guidance for the coming years to the association, which trains people for free in professional retraining or those who are far from being employed in digital professions.

In a period of rapid growth, the association entrusts its fate to Veronica Sobo, who becomes CEO. She joined the group in June last year and has been tasked with several missions: to provide direction for the next 4 years, to share her experience to develop digital learning offerings, to ensure the deployment of a rapidly growing organization. The structure includes 250 people.

Recall that Simplon was founded by Frederic Bardot and is designed to train people for free professional retraining or those who are far from being employed in digital professions. The institution claims that more than 14,000 people have received IT training since 2013, 42% of whom are women. Its rate of positive completion of work, entrepreneurship or resumption of studies is 66% within a few months of graduation. In addition to learning to code, the school decided to go further with content focused on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence or blockchain through partnerships with companies like Microsoft or

Career in consulting and at the associative level

Prior to joining Simplon, Veronique Sobo was Managing Director of Tykya, a consulting firm for startups and large groups. She previously worked at Arthur Andersen for 5 years and held various operational and corporate roles at Valeo for 13 years. Active in non-profit work for 15 years, she created and later led several associations, including Force Femmes. She is also employed as a citizen reservist in the gendarmerie.

Parallel to this announcement, Simplon points to another recruitment in the person of Alexander Cerve, in charge of the Southern Region and Corsica. In 2014, he co-founded Corporate for Change, a commercial subsidiary of Ticket for Change, dedicated to supporting organizations in their social and environmental transformation. At the end of 2020, he took over the leadership of the INCO group in France, which aims to create a more inclusive and sustainable economy through impact investment funds, impact startup incubators and innovative third places.

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