VetCT is testing smart glasses for veterinary care in the UK

VetCT has announced that they are tracking the use of smart glasses in veterinary medicine in the UK and they have used Google Glass for trials.

The company uses Google Glass for animal consultations, and then the smartglasses feed directly to a remote team of VetCT specialists.

Images from Google Glasses were streamed live from the Pennard Vets clinical team, Sevenoaks, to a remote team at VetCT. Higher resolution images from a mobile phone camera were also broadcast for comparison. A remote VetCT technician could view both images, as well as remotely record, zoom, adjust lighting, annotate, and send the images back for viewing to the goggle wearer. They were also able to discuss the case live with the team at the clinic.

Vet CT Director and Chief Innovation Officer Julien LaBruyère says: “We have a huge pool of expertise in our global team and we are constantly exploring new ways to support veterinary teams. This first step we’ve taken with Google Glass marks the start of an exciting journey of making smart glasses technology useful in assisting veterinarians in local clinics.

This is a unique way to use smart glasses, and it will be interesting to see what the test results are and whether this technology can be used to help animals in the future.

Source VetCT

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