Victim of a cyber attack, Besançon alerts its inhabitants to the risks of phishing

The city of Besançon, in the Doubs, suffered a “major” cyberattack. Occurring on September 4, this security incident was not disclosed until September 25. The National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (Cnil) has been informed of the situation, as required by law.

In detail, it is the IT infrastructures of Grand Besançon Métropole, the city and the Communal Center for Social Action which have been affected by this malware which has been spread via emails.

Personal information has been stolen

The attack was not without consequence since “information concerning, in particular, the content and attachments of e-mails as well as the e-mail address books of agents“were stolen by hackers.

This information is currently used to send spam emails to our contacts, who impersonate one of our communities.“, reveals the city. It asks residents to be extra vigilant with regard to the risks of phishing. This technique is intended to deceive the Internet user to encourage him to communicate personal data such as information banking.

You have to delete emails and contact the city

These emails “use the names of certain agents and refer to past exchanges“, details the city. They sometimes contain”Word, PDF, or other malicious file attachments“. She advises not to open this attachment and to delete the email. To check the veracity of a message, residents are invited to contact the city services.

Besançon is added to the list of public bodies that have suffered a computer attack, such as the Rouen University Hospital, the Eure-et-Loir Departmental Council, the National Agency for Adult Vocational Training (Afpa )… Recently, it was the Paris Court that was targeted by sending false emails to several magistrates and lawyers, some of whom are associated with very sensitive cases.

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