VIDEO. 5 cancer researchers present their work with humor

Talk about science and cancer in front of the camera and with humor. A daring and successful bet with the “In Vivo” scientific dissemination program of the ARC Foundation for Cancer Research which began on September 8, 2021 on the Foundation’s website.

5 investigators led by a comedian

How can we make cancer research topics intelligible and understandable without being quickly grasped by a poorly informed or science-literate public? In short, how do you capture attention in front of these ultra-sharp subjects where words are often dark?

To remove this obstacle, the ARC Foundation for Cancer Research had a (very good) idea: to organize a national casting with the community specialized in oncology to identify candidates capable of explaining their work, obviously cutting edge, but everything. . in a fun and unconventional way. As a result, five investigators were eventually selected, and then they were all trained by comedian Karim Duval. These five researchers are:

  • Rafael Argüello, researcher at the Marseille-Luminy Immunology Center
  • Christophe Bécavin, professor-researcher of bioinformatics at the University of Côte d’Azur
  • Sandra Claret, professor-researcher at the Jacques Monod Institute of the University of Paris
  • Françoise Pflumio, Research Director and Laboratory Director at Inserm
  • Aude-Marie Foucaut, STAPS professor at the Sorbonne University Paris-Nord.

5 videos that allow to understand the challenges of cancer research

Diction, gestures … Obviously, the presentations were produced by award-winning witty, very comfortable, particularly convincing and above all funny.

Each capsule starts in a conventional way, pronouncing the serious terms that annoy very quickly, but as soon as it is said, here are the researchers who become actors, poets, “slammers” … In short, metamorphosed and all capable of explaining in a few minutes in front of the camera, with humor, in a peculiar and exciting way, the nature of his work and his challenges, each according to his style and personality.

In the end, starting on September 8, 2021, five small videos were published that allow us to understand the challenges of cancer research in an unconventional way at the rate of one per day for five days.. Discover the first two below:

The other three episodes can be seen on the ARC Foundation YouTube channel.

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