VIDEO – Allpriv from Montpellier invented a system to protect hospitals from cyber attacks

Allpriv is one of 26 companies from Occitania attending the CES Tech Innovation Fair in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2023. It even won an award for its product to revolutionize the tech sector. field.

This Montpellier-based company, founded in 2017, has invented a system that can protect medical devices from cyberattacks. Its co-founder, Mikael Leal, began with the observation that “machines like scanners, radios, etc. are designed to last for years. And they use the same software from start to finish. Except that these programs are becoming obsolete. They are not updated. » Legacy systems protected by general security.

Therefore, pirates can attack them without much difficulty, as we saw in France in 2022. In December, for example, at the André Mignot hospital in Yvelines. This allows them to recover medical data, resell it on the dark web, and demand a ransom from the institution.

Protection of medical devices in hospitals

So to solve this problem, Allpriv invented “a small box that plugs into machines to protect them and prevent virus infiltration and data access,” explains Mikael Leal.

Simply put, this little box retrieves and saves device commands to control it. When he receives commands from an external operator, he compares them with those he has on the list and sends his command back to the machine. Only the box interacts with the medical device. Even if the start command is pirated, it never enters the device.

net network

Allpriv has developed its own network with these boxes. This allows the hospital to “have a backup network and data access” in the event of a cyber attack.

The project is at the stage of completion and will be implemented in hospitals in Spain. Allpriv is working with car manufacturers to integrate their box inside. As for the price, access to this technology will be in the form of a subscription from 5 to 10 euros per month per box.

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