Video: Amazon offers $ 9 billion for MGM’s film catalog

The MGM catalog is definitely the envy of many. After Netflix and Apple last year, it’s Amazon’s turn to try to negotiate the MGM’s catalog of films and series. This Hollywood studio is the owner of the James Bond, Rocky, and even Robocop films.

Amazon has reportedly offered $ 9 billion for the deal. Like the rest of the industry, the studio has been hit hard by the health crisis. The catalog has been on sale since the end of 2020.

MGM’s catalog has more than 4,000 films and 17,000 episodes of series. Amazon could, by getting its hands on this catalog, upscale its Amazon Prime Video video streaming offer. What attract new subscribers and retain its subscribers, in a very competitive SVOD market context.

Mass studio buyout

Already the owner of the streaming platform Twitch, the company is investing more and more in paid streaming, with notably $ 11 billion spent last year on the creation and acquisition of programs for its Prime Video subscribers.

Last month, Amazon surpassed the 200 million mark for its Prime services bundle globally, of which 175 million viewed content on Prime Video in the past year, according to the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

MGM is one of the last big studios not to be bought out. Fox is now owned by Disney, Universal by Comcast, Paramount by ViacomCBS, and Warner Bros. by AT&T.

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