Video: Bill Gates’ departure from Microsoft would be linked to love at first sight

The final departure of Bill Gates from the Microsoft group, in March 2020, would be a consequence of the intimate relationship he had with an employee of the company in the early 2000s. A relationship deemed “inappropriate” by Microsoft officials, according to information published by the Wall Street Journal this Sunday.

The founder and former leader of the IT giant had left the company for good in March 2020, abandoning his seat as a director of the group.

Microsoft’s board members had decided that Bill Gates should step down from his board in 2020, as they investigated the billionaire’s relationship with a Microsoft employee who was deemed inappropriate, ”says the business daily.

“Bill Gates sought to establish an intimate relationship with an employee of the company in 2000”

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the group was seized in late 2019, that “Bill Gates sought to establish an intimate relationship with an employee of the company in 2000. A committee of the board of directors examined the problem, assisted by an external law firm, to conduct a thorough investigation ”.

It is about “an affair dating from 20 years ago, which ended in a friendly way”, according to a spokeswoman for Bill Gates, always quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

This engineer of the group had affirmed, in a letter, to have maintained a relation of a sexual nature with Bill Gates “for years”, details the. Wall Street Journal.

The turmoil of a divorce

Bill Gates left Microsoft to be able to invest full time in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he had mentioned at the time of his departure.

The former boss of Microsoft and his wife, Melinda, who together created this foundation fighting against poverty and disease 20 years ago, announced their divorce on May 3, after 27 years of marriage.

Always according to the Wall Street Journal, the members of the board of directors had also inquired about the links between Bill Gates and the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, prosecuted for trafficking in minors. The defense of Bill Gates assured that it was about “philanthropic relations”, which he had “regretted”.

Bill Gates, who had founded Microsoft in 1975, had given up the general management of the group in 2000, to devote himself more to its foundation, before leaving any executive function at Microsoft in 2008. His seat as director was the last function that still linked him to the giant he co-founded.

This case is not unlike that of the CEO of Intel who, in 2018, had to resign following a relationship with a woman who had yet ended years earlier, before his appointment as CEO. Brian Krzanich was forced to resign for violating the no-fraternization at work policy in force at the company since 2011.

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