VIDEO. Camille’s chronicle: what are UFOs really?

Drones have invaded our landscape in a very short time, in tourism, defense, services or leisure. However, it is not them that the population most often takes for UFOs, also called “Pan”, but … Thai lanterns.

UFOs have a real name: the “Pan”

Look at these images captured by US fighter jets in 2004 and 2015 and declassified by the Pentagon in 2019.

If you see aliens, you have an imagination, and that’s a great quality. If you see drones… Well, it’s the same, you are imaginative, considering the quality of the image. And if you see a UFO, well done you are real scientists! Literally, an unidentified flying object. If the US military has not yet given any interpretation of these images, one of the pilots has indeed assumed that they were drones.

The real term for UFOs is “Pan”: “Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena”. Because when you see something weird flying, it might not be an object. It may not even fly. A reflection on a window, a meteorological phenomenon or a nightclub projector directed at the clouds can create an illusion.

33% of “Pan” are Thai lanterns

In France, the Center National d’Etudes Spatiales (Cnes) has a study group specializing in the study and identification of “Pan”: the Geipan. They investigate on the spot, collect the testimonies, and especially… They verify that there was not a marriage in the area. Because yes, out of 63% of cases of “Pan” probably or certainly elucidated, more than half are ultimately due to aeronautical objects, such as drones, planes, balloons… And above all, a third are Thai lanterns. That said, no need for the Geipan to solve the following mystery: in 2012, a “flying saucer” was seen in the United States, transported by a truck between California and Maryland. It was indeed … an X47B stealth combat drone.

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