Video: Dismissal of Chris Krebs, boss of the American Anssi

In two tweets published Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced that he had “fired” Chris Krebs, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the American equivalent of Anssi. The dismissal follows one of his recent statements calling the recent presidential election the safest election in US history.

President Trump says this statement is “very inaccurate”, referring to “massive irregularities and fraud” allegedly taking place during the presidential election.

Historical manager of the CISA

CISA did not respond to our request for comment. However, Chris Krebs himself confirmed his dismissal in a tweet, on his personal account:

Prior to his dismissal today, Chris Krebs had served as Director of CISA for exactly two years and one day. More precisely since November 16, 2018, the agency’s founding date.

Rumors that Donald Trump was seeking to fire the senior CISA official began circulating last week. Chris Krebs had just told several associates that he expected to be fired following the agency’s efforts to counter disinformation campaigns concerning the recent elections.

Presidential disagreement

According to a Reuters article, Chris Krebs came under Donald Trump’s wrath after establishing and running Rumor Control, a web page on the CISA website where agency experts disproved rumors of electoral fraud. The US president actively promoted some of these theses, both during and after the election, through his Twitter account.

Following the Reuters article, several Democratic officials and cybersecurity experts defended the former CISA official. Cyberscoop nonetheless reported that while several Republican lawmakers had previously praised Chris Krebs’ work in the CISA in previous months, none have defended him in the face of President Trump’s wrath.

“Chris Krebs is an extraordinary public servant and the person Americans want to protect the security of our elections,” US Senator Mark R. Warner (D-VA), deputy chairman of the special committee, said in a statement today. of the Senate on Intelligence. “It says a lot that the president chose to fire him just for telling the truth. “

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