Video game: a team from Brest in League of legends

Fabien Nedellec and Antonin Lessein are among the founding members of the Taran association (© Côté Brest)

If we tell you e-sport and Lol, will you stop reading this article right away? However, hang in there, we have done the best for the neophytes. Because it would be a shame to miss the video game League of Legends, a real phenomenon in the world of e-sports (understand the practice of competitive video games). Especially with the successive confinements, online games have more than the odds.

Destroy the enemy base

League of Legends (Lol for close friends) is a strategy game. The principle is simple: two teams, composed of five players, compete with the objective of destroying the base of the other. Each player endorses a character (150 are proposed), called a champion. Everyone has their role: defend, attack, support … “There is confrontation but it is not a war game, it is a team and strategy game”, assure Fabien Nedellec and Antonin Lessein, two connoisseurs of the game.

Professional players

The duo is one of the four founding members (all from the BeAble / Zip group, based in Guipavas), of the Taran association (tonnerre in Breton), created in December 2020. In the process, a semi-professional team, the PCS Taran, was incorporated to integrate the Open tour of League of Legends. Like traditional sport, Lol has different rankings: League 1, Second Division, Open Tour. With also many leagues around the world and a world championship.

Since 2011, League of Legends, released in 2009, has professional players.

The association recruited five, aged 17 to 24: three French, one English and one Swedish. A professional trainer has also been hired. For the Open Tour, the composition of a team costs between 10,000 and 30,000 euros. Taran prefers to remain discreet about the cost of his. Amateurs are also on hand to complete the staff.

Like a top athlete

To perform, the players of the Brest team are committed to a copious training program. “Their preparation is the same as a high level athlete,” says Fabien Nedellec. Here, no physical exercise on the menu, but tactical and mental work. The team trains at least ten hours per week in group sessions. Not to mention the solo sequences.

The competition started in early February. After a particularly satisfying first day, the second organized at the beginning of March was a little more difficult for the Brest team, which was nevertheless not unworthy. “We were up against big names,” notes Fabien Nedellec. PCS Taran is in the top three. There are still two days of the championship, scheduled for mid-April and mid-May.

The goal is to get a place in play-off, sesame to access the qualifications of division 2.

A place dedicated to gaming

The association does not intend to stop there and hopes to assemble other teams in different games. Discussions are underway with players including a Brestois. To achieve her ambitions, she is looking for local sponsors.

“We would like to represent the region in the electronic world.”

The association is also considering creating a place dedicated to gaming in Brest: “We would like to organize events, conferences…” The games are open.

Lol’s matches are broadcast on the Twitch platform.

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