Video game addiction: Chinese NGO sues giant Tencent

A real social phenomenon in the country, the game modeled on League of Legends, also developed by Tencent, has for several years been in the crosshairs of parents and the official media, who accuse it of being too addictive for young people.

The Beijing Center for Legal Aid and Children’s Research announced on Tuesday via a social media account that it has filed a civil lawsuit with the Beijing Number One Intermediate People’s Court.

Pornographic, violent and vulgar content

The NGO considers in particular that the recommended minimum age for playing Honor of kings (twelve years old) is far too low considering the nature of the game which is full of pornographic, violent and vulgar content.

The center thus denounces the presence of virtual heroines with lascivious poses and clothes that expose excessively breasts and buttocks.

He also criticizes the misrepresentation in the game of certain historical figures. Of malicious tampering who trample traditional culture by giving, for example, of a monarch of antiquity Chinese the image of a godfather of the New York mafia, protest the complainants.

1h30 per day maximum for under 18s

According to them, Honor of kings has also made many children addicted. They accuse Tencent of not seriously verifying the age and playing time of players who log in.

The court did not indicate what follow-up would be given to this action. It takes place on June 1, Children’s Day in China and in a context of takeover of groups in the digital sector by Beijing.

Very lucrative for Tencent, Chinese video game leader behind the very popular League of Legends, Honor of kings is a multiplayer online game of the type battle arena.

In 2020, it topped 100 million daily active users, according to the group based in Shenzhen, southern China.

Tencent last year stepped up its anti-addiction measures for minors by limiting the time and money they can spend on Honor of kings.

People under the age of 18 are allowed to play for up to three hours a day during the holidays, but are limited to one and a half hours the rest of the time.

Tencent is also the owner of the WeChat application (messaging, news feed, social network, purchases), essential in China with more than a billion users.

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