Video game available: “Dune: Spice Wars” by Bordelais by Shiro Games.

So, adapt again…

So adapting Frank Herbert’s work back into video games is a major challenge for the people of Bordeaux from Shiro Games, already with the origins of “Evoland 1 and 2”, “Wartales” or the very popular “Northgard”. And those who have already played the latter will not be out of place to get their hands on this Dune: Spice Wars, available in Early Access (playable, but not finished) from Tuesday, April 26th.

Four factions

Fans of the Frank Herbert novel will find themselves on familiar ground. All the markers of a work of science fiction recently adapted for cinema are present: the planet Arrakis, the Atreides and Harkonnen houses, the Fremen, the precious spice harvest, the sandworms…

In terms of gameplay, the game is a 4X (from “explore, expand, exploit and destroy” – explore, expand, exploit and exterminate in French) of solid quality. Basically, the player commands one of the four playable factions and must capture bases, build buildings, manage an army…

If the core mechanics of the game, such as collecting spice or capturing and developing new bases, are classic yet effective, then other aspects are worth exploring in more depth. We think of Landsraad, for example, a council that allows you to vote on measures that affect the game, but which are still hard to see a real effect in the game, or even differences between different factions that are too similar.

Small bugs not to worry about for a game still in development. Moreover, the Bordeaux studio has already announced a multiplayer mode, as well as – at least – a new faction.

Dune: Spice Wars. Available on PC via Steam. 29.99 euros.

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