Video Game: EA Sports and FIFA Divorce

This is the end of a long story, there will be no FIFA 24. Electronic Arts and the International Football Federation have ended their partnership, and the famous football simulation video game has been rebranded as EA Sports FC for a 2024 release, the American publisher revealed on Tuesday.

Last October, several media outlets reported that FIFA had demanded an increase in the amount allocated to EA for the use of its name from $150 million to $250 million.

Already dissatisfied with the partnership prior to this new request, Electronic Arts leaders have decided to scrap it and change the title of the game to a 2024 release, a 2023 vintage that will be released later this year, according to The New York Times. in the fall, retaining the FIFA name.

For its part, FIFA indicated in a press release issued on May 10 that ending this “exclusive” partnership would allow it to “work with multiple partners rather than entrust exclusive rights to its video games and esports.” single publisher for the long term. The International Football Federation adds that “it is currently in talks with major game publishers, media companies and investors to create a new simulation game in 2024.” Its president, Gianni Infantino, even assured that “the only authentic and authentic game bearing the FIFA name will be the best available to players and football fans” and that “the FIFA name is the only global and original title.” FIFA 23 , FIFA 24 , FIFA 25 and FIFA 26 and so on – the unchanging name of FIFA and it will forever remain and remain the BEST.

In short, there will be FIFA 24 without a doubt, but it’s not really FIFA anymore. Thus, the war of football simulators begins.

The best-selling sports game in history

Despite this change, Electronic Arts’ sports division, EA sports, has retained agreements with all other leagues and federations that allow it to offer over 19,000 players, over 700 teams and 30 existing championships to choose from, the publisher explained. in a press release issued on Tuesday.

The end of this partnership with FIFA will surely mark the end of being able to play in the world championships organized by an international federation in your living room with all the official decorum, mascots and tutti quanti.

Released in 1993 as FIFA International Soccer, the game and its annual updates have sold over 325 million copies, according to data released by EA in early 2021. Such sales volumes make FIFA the best-selling sports simulation in the history of video games. Over nearly 30 years, the game has generated over $20 billion in sales, according to The New York Times.

Every year a very large community of players awaited a new version of the game, enthusiastic about the revolution or regretting only weak evolutions compared to the previous version.

Finally, FIFA suffered the same fate as its longtime rival Pro Evolution Soccer, which was also renamed. As of this 2022, the mythical name PES has been consigned to oblivion by its publisher Konami, now preferring the name “eFootball”.


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