Video game enthusiast sells his collection of 2,250 consoles for almost a million euros

Ludovic, a lifelong video game enthusiast, is selling his collection of 2,250 consoles on eBay. His collection is unique in the world: it only takes about fifty consoles to put together all those that have existed on Earth.
The 48-year-old video game dealer lives near Aix-en-Provence. He started this collection in the 1990s and worked on it for a total of about fifteen years. The sale price is almost one million euros: 984,000 euros exactly.

Ludovic owns the first console released in 1971, the Magnavox Odyssey, up until the last PS5. Some are also impossible to find, even by placing funds.

For example, Ludovic owns an xBox in the colors of Indiana Jones, which was put up for sale when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out in 2008. This console exists in five copies and will cost between 3,000 and 5,000 euros.

Indiana Jones Console

Credit: Ludovic “kariaure” for RTL.

Indiana Jones Console
Credits: Ludovic “kariaure” for RTL.

Indiana Jones Console
Credits: Ludovic “kariaure” for RTL.

Rack with game consoles from Ludovik’s collection.
Credits: Ludovic “kariaure” for RTL.

A Nintendo console in Zelda colors from Ludovic’s collection of video game consoles.
Credits: Ludovic “kariaure” for RTL.


Ludovic has a lot of exceptional consoles: “I’m a treasure hunter. I’m not a geek anymore, I haven’t played in a long time! My wife doesn’t even know what Tetris is!”

If he decides to sell his collection, it is primarily because he no longer has space: everything is stored and displayed in a warehouse of 300 m².

Another reason: with the effect of Covid, prices have skyrocketed and Ludovic no longer wants to “set crazy prices to buy rare things.”

Ludovic is selling his 2,250 consoles in batches, without bargaining, because he doesn’t want to “send this collection that took him years to build.” His dream? For the patron to buy it to create a museum.

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