Video game quality measurement and player retention, rob0 knows how to do it

Once a game is launched on the market, how do you know if it meets the expectations of millions of players, why they drop out, at what stage of the game they stumble? Finding out is like looking for the needle in the haystack; no one really has any idea what’s going on.

Every day, dozens of new games appear on all platforms, but how many really pass the user test? In fact, not a lot. Whether you download one or five to your phone, most of them fall into oblivion somewhere within the device’s 256 or 512 GB.

Born in 2018 in Montreal, the young shoot rob0 (Rob zero) can find out thanks to its measurement tools built on artificial intelligence algorithms.

It has designed an intelligent platform accessible to all developers of virtual reality video games, on Windows PCs or of the mobile type for smart phones.

Couple having fun playing video games

Couple having fun playing video games

In short, this solution demonstrates exactly when and why users stop playing a game. Developers can therefore understand how problems arise so they can be better resolved or predicted.

In the world of video games, this is a great breakthrough in a multi-billion dollar industry. Earlier this year, the mobile entertainment giant in India, OnMobile (with more than a billion individuals it should be remembered), invested in rob0 to accelerate the development of the rob0 solution to integrate it into its range. games.

More recently, rob0 released the web version of their solution to make it available worldwide. This plug-and-play Software as a Service (SaaS) will allow developers to create perfect games.

Couple having fun playing video games

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