Video game tattoos in 2021: the world ranking

Which video game tattoos are the most popular in the world? Hard to say. By relying only on hashtags on Instagram, has identified a possible list of the most popular series and characters in the industry immortalized in ink form.

According to the results of this “survey”, the series Pokemon leads the way with 195,504 Instagram posts for the hashtag #pokemontattoo. The second most important series is The Legend of Zelda with three times fewer publications for the hashtag #zeldatattoo. The podium is completed by Super Mario Bros. and the hashtag #mariotattoo.

Here is a Top 10 of the most popular video game tattoos on the social network by series:

Position Series Hashtag Total Instagram Posts
1 Pokemon #pokemontattoo 195,504
2 Legend of zelda #zeldatattoo 59 155
3 Super Mario #mariotattoo 19 628
4 Kingdom Hearts #kingdomheartstattoo 10,731
5 Final fantasy #finalfantasytattoo 9754
6 God of war #godofwartattoo 6855
7 Bioshock #bioshocktattoo 5994
8 fallout #fallouttattoo 5983
9 The witcher #witchertattoo 5815
10 Halo #halotattoo 5440

When it comes to video game characters, Pikachu is the most tattooed on the planet. Unsurprisingly, Mario comes in second. As for third place, it was less obvious to predict with Kratos de God of war. Here are the popular characters when it comes to video game tattoos:

Video game tattoos by character
Position Character Series Keyword Hashtag Total Instagram Posts
1 Pikachu Pokemon Pikachu #pikachutattoo 21,492
2 Mario Super Mario Mario #mariotattoo 19 628
3 Kratos God of war Kratos #kratostattoo 5539
4 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot #crashbandicoottattoo 5440
5 Sonic the hedgehog Sonic the hedgehog Sonic the hedgehog #sonictattoo 4597
6 Chun-Li Street fighter Chun-Li #chunlitattoo 3659
7 Yoshi Super Mario Yoshi #yoshitattoo 3463
8 Pac-Man Pac-Man pacman #pacmantattoo 3153
9 Spyro Spyro Spyro #spyrotattoo 3115
10 Kirby Kirby Kirby #kirbytattoo 2574

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