Video game tournaments in full swing

The free and open gaming workshops recently organized as part of the industry’s digital third place have undoubtedly found their audience.

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After the Rosois-sur-Serre Fortnite tournament in April, it’s time for Rocket League on Wednesday, July 13th. Success is guaranteed to this seminar “Portes du Numérique”, an internal body of the CCPT, headed by Romuald Dupont and his collaborators Gabin Royer and Baptiste Halen.

football and cars

Score goals behind the wheel of a car capable of acrobatic jumps worthy of the cartoons of our childhood – that’s how we could sum up the Rocket League free game, the star of the tournament on July 13th. A complete shift from Fortnite, the game of the previous tournament. But this did not prevent amateurs aged 10 to 22 from coming to the meeting in the same number. Despite several cancellations in the last minute, there were still 15 players left, including only one player who, divided into three groups of four and one of three, competed for several hours with the peculiarity that this time the matches were broadcast live. a Twitch channel through which curious and viewers could communicate. Additional pressure that all young people (or almost all) were able to cope with by applying the imposed rule of good humor.


Every competition must have a winner or winners. Like their fellow winners in April, it was Mathis Meyer, Felix Rapp, Luca Leroy and Ryan Gressier who traveled this weekend to the 21st Japan Show at the Paris-Nord Villepinte with a gift card for the first three. The next meeting is on Wednesday, August 31, from 13:30 with a game tournament…

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