Video games: + 14% in sales vs 2019 on eBay

The eBay platform has published a study on the world of gaming in France. The marketplace has observed a growing interest in the world of gaming with + 14% of sales of video game items compared to 2019. eBay also observes that the French have taken advantage of lockdowns to improve or change their gaming equipment. On the consumer side, desktop searches increased by + 29.3%, as did screens (+ 17.1%) compared to 2019 (eBay internal figures). The purchase volume of desks and computer tables followed the same upward trend with an increase of + 86.1%.

Sellers have witnessed an explosion in their sales of helmets (+ 105.5%) with in parallel an increase in products put on sale (+ 68.3%). Controllers and gaming peripherals also enjoyed the same success (+ 57.9%), as did keyboards (+ 36.5%). eBay saw a significant increase in listings of + 146.2% for office chairs and armchairs. The marketplace has observed a strong surge in sales of video games and consoles from the start of the 1st confinement between March and April 2020 (+ 23%) and at the start of the second confinement (32%). eBay also notes that many French people favor second-hand games. In fact, 2 out of 3 games sold were second-hand.

“Gaming enthusiasts find a real gold mine in eBay. For new games, we often find that the prices offered on the marketplace are highly competitive, whether they are new or used products. EBay’s strength is undeniably its inventory of more than 1.7 billion products and its more than 185 million active buyers in more than 190 countries, ”said Sarah Tayeb, Head of Sellers at eBay in France.

Today, 53% of men and 47% of women say they play video games occasionally1. However, the gap is widening among hardcore video game players since women are represented at only 38% against 62% among men (Yougov study on gaming, commissioned by eBay, sample of 1026 people in France). Interest in video games affects all generations. Although the majority of hardcore gamers are millennials (37%), the intergenerational gap is narrowing to 32% for 35-54 year olds and 30% for 55 and over. On the other hand, occasional players are mainly represented by those aged 55 and over (36%), on a par with those aged 35-55.

All gamers are found in 3 main regions: the North-East, which has as many casual, regular and unconditional players (27%), the South-East, which has more occasional players (26%) and the region Parisienne who is in 3rd position with 20% of regular players, 19% of inveterate players and 18% of occasional players.

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