Video games: a new playground for luxury brands

For years, big brands and video games have avoided each other. Today, however, the luxury industry and the gaming world have never been so close. This proximity is especially confirmed by the numerous collaborations of various brands with a game, a publisher or an esports club.

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Why are luxury brands interested in the world of video games?

For years, luxury brands have never considered video game players as potential customers. Why ? Gamers have long been considered bespectacled troglodytes. In other words, it is believed that these people are not interested in anything other than video games.

However, thanks to the evolution of the digital universe, video games are now a great opportunity for luxury brands.

Grab the attention of a new audience

A marketing strategy focused only on the same profiles has no future in such a competitive world. Luxury brands have recognized this fact and therefore decided to appeal to a younger audience. Indeed, while video games appeal to all profile types, youth is their main target.

On the other hand, game publishers partner with luxury brands for reasons of trust.

Reach a wider audience

Contrary to the trend of recent years, the gaming world is no longer limited to a few hundred players. Today, this world brings together millions of enthusiasts, but also an audience of over 500 million viewers.

Get visibility

In addition to digital and traditional media, video games have now become important to companies, especially luxury brands. Here the goal is not to sell, but rather to be in sight.

An example is the famous battle royale game Fortnite, which has partnered with major brands. Among his partners are such well-known brands as Balenciaga, Dior or Ralph Lauren.

How do luxury brands protect their image from video game violence?

Violence is a major issue for luxury brands when dealing with video games these days. Indeed, big brands care about their image in the eyes of the public. Thus, by associating your name with violence, you risk tarnishing your reputation.

So, in order to avoid this hassle without sacrificing the opportunities associated with this universe, they turn to influencers or streamers from the gaming world.

A few examples of successful collaboration between a brand and a video game

Recently, the collaboration between Balmain and Need For Speed: Unbound has become one of the most notable collaborations. It can also be noted that the brands Ferrari, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and even Louis Vuitton are in Fortnite.

So, given the growing interest of luxury brands in video games, more and more gamers are sure to follow this path. However, each will take different forms of collaboration depending on the vision of the brand.

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