Video games: a Quebecer smashes the Guinness record for the longest “stream” on Twitch

A Quebecer has just beaten the Guinness record for the longest marathon on World of warcraft live on Twitch.

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One of the two streamers LaGamacherie channel Bobby Gamache broadcast live for 44 hours, 44 minutes and 44 seconds on the Twitch platform while playing the popular video game. The Rimouskois smashed the old record held by the American Ian Haimes by nearly 12 hours.

While the broadcast was in full swing, the Quebecer learned that a Hungarian player was also trying to break the Guinness record. “We will not hide it, the morale of the team has taken a hard hit, he says. I had the choice to give up or to do 10 more hours. ” He chose the second option.

If Bobby Gamache is officially the only one who will appear in the book of records, he salutes the work of his team, which allowed him to succeed in his challenge. “Behind this“ small ”record, there is the work of 17 people,” he insists.

It was his brother Mathieu, the other half of the LaGamacherie duo, who had challenged him to obtain a Guinness record, a challenge that Bobby sent him back.

In addition to his relatives, no less than 400 people virtually supported him during his marathon.

Screenshot taken by LaGamacherie when Bobby was trying to break American Ian Halmes' world record.

Courtesy LaGamacherie

Screenshot taken by LaGamacherie when Bobby was trying to break American Ian Halmes’ world record.

How did he manage to last so long in front of his screen? By staying focused, explains the player, who is also a manager at the Bureau en gros store in Rimouski. “We fall on automatic pilot. Everything is done instinctively. It’s a game that requires a bit of concentration, but that doesn’t require too much precision. ”

The other secret behind his success: healthy eating throughout the marathon.

“I ate fruits, vegetables and small snacks. Nothing else. We wanted to stay in the light, ”he says. During the two days of the marathon, he drank no coffee and made do with just one energy drink.

To get his hands on the world record, the Quebecer had to follow strict rules imposed by Guinness. For example, he was only allowed ten minutes break for each hour of play completed. He also had to display his game dial at all times to prove that he was playing, in addition to always remaining “active” in the game.

These constraints did not scare him, however, since he finished his marathon with 3:07 of rest in the bank.

In the next few days, Bobby will have to come down from his cloud to get back to work. Despite being a world record holder, the player claims not to earn enough money to make a living from his passion.

“I have a house, a child and I need financial security,” he explains.


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