Video games: Apple faces embarrassing accusations

This is a new thorn in the side of Apple and Google. In an opinion published yesterday, the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) refers to video games, more specifically cloud gaming.

Apple will fall on the shoulders of a new investigation

The organization has launched initial consultations with the public and players in the market to see if the two tech giants are abusing their dominance in mobile navigation systems and related app stores.

Given the results, the CMA believes it is necessary to launch an in-depth investigation to see how Apple and Google dominate the mobile browser market, and whether Apple limits cloud gaming to its control of the App Store. Many developers feel that this stifles growth and innovation and leads to unnecessary costs.

The CMA elaborates on this: “At the same time, Apple and Google argue that the restrictions are necessary to protect users. The CMA Market Research will address these concerns and determine if new rules are needed to achieve better results. »

Sarah Cardell, Acting CEO of CMA, said: “We want UK consumers to get the best new mobile data services and UK developers to invest in innovative new apps. »

Interestingly, we explained to you last year that the Cupertino company had very high ambitions for video games in the past. Mark Gurman did reveal that the Apple brand was considering building its own cloud gaming service. A Bloomberg journalist explained that Apple Arcade could be in some way the “Netflix of video games.” is the official app of

Author: Keleops AG

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