Video games Bravely Default II: an epic and strategic adventure

Released at the end of 2013, Bravely Default made an impression. More than a simple RPG, the title of Silicon Studio, published by Square Enix imposed itself as the heir to 16-bit role-playing games, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in mind. Despite its few flaws, starting with a rather redundant and long finish, this 3DS exclusive remains one of the best titles in the bike. Only small false note, the publication three years later of Bravely Second: End Layer, a real false sequel which asked the gamer to redo many passages of the first opus… A disappointment for the fans, who hoped for a brand new adventure. Wish now granted with this Bravely Default II which is coming to Switch.

A very well paced game

Under the leadership of Team Asano, also known for Octopath traveler, this section highlights four new characters. There is Seth, a mysterious castaway, Gloria a fearless princess, Elvis, a mage and Adele a fighter. Heroes who do not escape certain stereotypes but sufficiently well written to become attached to them. The scenario is also one of the strong points of this adventure spread over a hundred hours as long as we are interested in the side quests, just as interesting. Lifetime level, so it’s all good, especially since the game is, with rare exceptions, very well paced, with its share of twists and turns. We also note a real desire on the part of the developers to deepen the links between the members of the quartet over time. The progression is all the more pleasant.

Classic … and efficient

Gameplay level, Bravely Default II is classic… and efficient. It remains nonetheless complete. We therefore find the villages with their inns, armories, traditional objects of care or deterioration of state and the inevitable dungeons populated by creatures of all kinds. Our friends specialize in different classes (the asterisks) that have specific skills. Thief, magician, defender …

And since it is possible to accumulate two at a time and we note the presence of passive bonuses, it is easy to create warriors as you wish. As for the fights (which can be played at accelerated speed), they are done on a turn-by-turn basis and logically take up the principle of Bravely / Default. The concept consists of storing your actions (up to 4) by putting yourself in a defensive position or, on the contrary, stringing together several blows in a row. On the flip side, his proteges will then be vulnerable for a long time to enemies who have remained standing. Simple to understand but highly strategic, especially against bosses.

Unmissable title

If the (re) discovery effect is no longer there and we regret a lack of risk-taking, the title remains essential for fans of the genre. Certain little extras, such as a nice card game make the difference and the technical aspect, below, is caught up by a sublime artistic direction, with a real cachet and a memorable soundtrack composed by Revo. Sometimes discreet, sometimes epic, these musics, like this epic which thus stands out as one of the sure values ​​of the Nintendo console.

(Game tested on Nintendo Switch).

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