Video games: “Destiny 2 beyond the light”, when the Darkness takes over Europe …

In many ways, Destiny on its own symbolizes the turn that video games have taken on the PS4 generation. Released at the end of 2014, the original opus with a colossal budget – we are talking about hundreds of millions of euros – has established itself over time in the hearts of players. It must be said that Bungie, the dads of Halo, have been able to develop their FPS and accentuate the social side. Over the years and DLCs, the offer has grown considerably and it is only logical that its successor, Destiny 2, has followed the same path. However, this new extension, called, Beyond the Light, marks a break and risks changing a good number of habits. Explanations.

Rest assured, we always have the choice between three classes: Titan, Arcanist, Hunter and their doctrines have not greatly evolved. Unlike the progression system … Since if we always take pleasure in looting more and more powerful equipment, the famous light levels have simply disappeared. In its philosophy of “service game” the blockbuster will also reset certain counters between each season. Enough to rethink the challenge without frustrating newcomers.

Among the enemies The hive, the fallen, the cabals still infest the galaxy … And the darkness, masterfully led by Vigris, is coming! The action of this big DLC ​​takes place on Europe, a satellite of Saturn, a satellite of Jupiter frozen where some enemies of the first hour have also found refuge. With its raids, assaults and central history to be enjoyed by many, the destination is large enough to provide some epic FPS games. The challenge is also part of the game.

But Beyond the Light also takes a 180 ° turn… by removing certain planets! Thus all the missions of Mars, Titan and Mercury are no longer available. Through this choice which may give rise to debate, the objective is to make the experience more readable and to remove the gas plant side, where it is true, it was difficult to navigate between all the missions if we did not play regularly. The idea is not to eliminate them completely but to operate a turnover between the different places depending on the moment. On the one hand, this initiative can (re) energize the game in the medium / long term, on the other hand, it is unfortunate not to have access to content that we had purchased when we want it … A choice radical, double-edged. (Game tested on PS4 Pro).

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