Video games: hacker leaked the first images of the future GTA 6

Alleged images of the highly anticipated video game Grand Theft Auto 6, which is currently in development, was leaked to social media on Sunday, September 18th. The hacker claimed responsibility for the hack, and the game’s publisher Rockstar did not comment on the situation.

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Published on 19.09.2022 12:08

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This is one of the most popular video game sequels and the community looks forward to every new installment. That’s why the Grand Theft Auto 6 image hack currently in development has fans of the franchise talking a lot. It was the hacker who announced on Sunday, September 18, the unauthorized distribution of exclusive images of the new GTA sequel. According to specialized site PCGamer, this is “one of the biggest leaks in the history of video games.”

The previous game, GTA 5, was released in 2013 and was a huge success with over 160 million copies sold. FROMA sequel to GTA 6 has been in development for several years now. In early 2022, the publisher confirmed that it was actively working on the title, but no release date was given.

This hack was claimed by a GTAForums user: “Teapotuberhacker”, the virtual name of this Internet user, posted 90 videos, which, according to him, are taken from GTA 6. Screenshots and clips were posted on several social networks, including YouTube or Twitter. The images show characters from the upcoming game and action scenes. in Vice City.

The images of GTA 6 discovered by the hacker are taken from testing stages of the game, which differ from the final version. (DR)

The images of GTA 6 discovered by the hacker are taken from testing stages of the game, which differ from the final version. (DR)

The hacker explained that he hacked into these images by gaining access to Slack (an online messaging service) from an employee of Rockstar, a video game publisher. Another interesting element reported by PCGamer is that the videos shown are from the testing stages of the game and may not be present in the final version of GTA 6.

Following these leaks, publisher and developer Rockstar did not confirm the authenticity of the images. But several media outlets are saying that the leaked images appear to have come from the development of GTA 6. “I have confirmation from Rockstar sources that the massive GTA 6 leaks this weekend are very real,” says Jason Schreier, a journalist at The American Bloomberg media on his Twitter account.

For the TechCrunch site, “the images appear to be genuine or, if fake, have been created with a high degree of accuracy for detail.”

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