Video games: images of these Stray cats fascinated by felines are circulating on social media

The video game Stray, developed in Montpellier, seems to be very popular with cats. Images and videos circulating on social media are widely shared, and a Twitter account has even been created.

To live the life of a cat… Many people dreamed about it. The video game Tramp, released on PC and consoles on July 19, 2022, allows the player to embody a small feline that gets lost in a cyberpunk environment. Throwing objects, sleeping in a ball, purring, meowing, scratching… It’s all there.

cats go crazy

Yes, but… If only users could play without their own companion in front of the screen. Fascinated by this red cat, other felines look at him, lie down next to the TV, try to play with him. So many reactions that Internet users around the world have shared on social media.

A Twitter account, @CatsWatchStray, has even been created for the occasion, with over 37,000 followers.

On TikTok, the masters share their cats’ reactions to a French video game, like this cat, which is identical to the main character and tries to communicate with him. The video has garnered over 200,000 reactions.

@thegamedesigndiaries my cat reacts to Stray the game ❤️ #videogame#strayvideogame#catlife#foryou#fyp#gaming#cutecatsoftiktok#catsoftiktok ♬ Aesthetics – Tollan Kim

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