Video games make kids smarter, study says

Reno Gallo

Surprisingly, the more children play video games, the more their intelligence grows. Max will tell you more!

Obviously, video games have more than just negative sides. If they can stimulate the reactivity and creativity of the child, they will have other consequences for the organism. Indeed, according to a study by the Free University of Amsterdam and published in Scientific Reports, kids who play video games are smarter than those who don’t.

To achieve these results, the researchers analyzed the results of the Adolescent Cognitive Development (ABCD) study conducted in the United States. This study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, should provide information about how the brain transitions from childhood to adulthood. The American study was conducted on 5,000 children aged 9 to 12 years. “Our most important finding was that games had a positive effect on the rate of change in intelligence, such that children who played more video games at age 9-10 showed the largest increase in intelligence at age 2,” the experts say.

At age nine, the children who spent the most time on social media had below-average IQs. On the other hand, time spent playing video games did not affect this indicator. After two years, all children increased intelligence. The researchers then calculated that time spent in front of screens did not negatively impact children’s development. What’s more, those who play video games diligently saw a significant increase in their score: 2.55 points more than the average.

Thus, video games have a positive effect on the development of children. Thorkel Klingberg, one of the authors of the study, however, clarifies that the study does not focus on physical activity, sleep, well-being or academic performance of children. “But our results confirm that screen time generally does not impair children’s cognitive performance, and that video games may even promote intelligence,” the expert concludes.

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