Video Games: Mega Drive mini 2 Coming October 27th

The wave of nostalgia or discovery for the little ones continues in the world of video games. On Monday, Sega announced that its Mega Drive mini 2 will be available in Europe on October 27th.

What is a concept? In recent years, several manufacturers have updated older home consoles such as Nintendo’s Nes or Super Nes. They are smaller than the originals, adapted to current connections (with high-definition HDMI and USB), and all games are integrated without the need to insert a disc or cartridge.

Sega already released in 2019 a mini version of the Maga Drive, the legendary console of the early 1990s that ran Sonic, the platform game with the famous blue hedgehog, or Ecco, its dolphin game.

Mega CD with games included

In 1993, the Mega Drive 2 went on sale, lighter, more compact and with a slightly different technical architecture. At the same time, the Mega CD appeared. This expansion allowed more complex and more realistic games to run, and the CD-ROM media had more memory and offered better sound quality and more beautiful visuals. However, Sega made a special choice: to limit to 64, like the console, the total number of colors that CDs can display.

Mega Drive mini 2 combines all of this into one object. In addition to console games, a selection of CD games will also be available. You will have to pay €110 to take advantage of this, which is €109.90. At this price, the console comes with a six-button controller. The standard Mega Drive controller has three but not all games. However, Sega indicates that the three-button controllers that came with the first version of the Mega Drive mini are compatible.

About sixty games are available with Mega Drive mini 2.

Mega Drive Games:

After burner II;

alien soldier;

Atomic Runner;

The Bonanza Brothers;

Clay fighter;

“Desert Strike: Return to the Bay”;

Earthworm Jim 2;

Master of the Elements;

Doomfury 2;

Move forward;

Golden Ax II;


the fire of hell;

Duke of Zwei;

Midnight resistance;

out run;


Fantasy Star II;


Additional Rainbow Islands;



Rolling Thunder 2;

Shadow Dancer: Secret of the Shinobi;

Shining Power II;

Shining in the dark;

Sun ;

Sound 3D Explosion;

Spray 2;

Streets of Fury 3;

Super hang;

Super Street Fighter II: New Challengers;


Revenge of the Shinobi;

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron;


VectorMan 2;


Virtua Racing;

war song;

Ekko Dolphin.

Mega CDs with games

Ekko: Tides of time;

CD “Final battle”;

Night Striker;

Night trap;

Robo Aleste;

sewer shark;

ShiningForce CD;


Sonic The Hedgehog CD;

ninja warriors;

Yumemi’s mysterious mansion.

Bonus Games

Devi and Pii (unreleased);

Star Mobile (unreleased);

Fantasy Zone (new port);

Space Harrier I and II (new ports);

Spray (new port);

Super Lokomotiv (new port);

VS Puyo Puyo Sun (new carry).

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