Video games outsold music and film sales in the UK for the 11th straight time last year

Last year, video games were reported to again be the top sellers of music and films in the UK, for the 11th consecutive year.

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Gaming accounted for 42.1% of total entertainment revenue in 2022, representing more than £4.6bn, according to the UK-based Digital Entertainment and Retail Association (ERA).

The report takes into account physical software sales, digital console and mobile game downloads, and “many other subscription and token-based game mechanics.”

ERA CEO Kim Bailey said: “Games often go unnoticed as a leader in the entertainment market. While the 2.3% growth was lower than video or music, its scale is massive and in terms of innovation and excitement, it continues to set the tone for the entire entertainment industry. »

The report says physical gaming software sales fell 4.5% last year, just 10% of the industry, while console downloads rose 12.2% to £724 million.


Meanwhile, movie revenues are up over 14% in 2022 thanks to streaming. According to the ERA, subscription video grew by 17.6% compared to 2021 and now represents 87% of the video market with a gross revenue of £3.9bn.

DVD sales fell again, this time by 22%, but sales of “premium formats such as Blu-ray and 4K UHD” rose 7% to £91m.

“Video has faced a double whammy due to the lack of new releases caused by the Covid lockdown in addition to the physical-to-digital structural transition, but in 2022 the sector hit a new all-time high and well ahead of its physical peak. in the amount of 2.8 billion pounds. The success of Top Gun: Maverick and Spider-Man: No Homecoming 2 shows that new releases are central to driving the video market buzz,” Bailey said.

In music, total revenue rose 3% to nearly £2bn, driven primarily by streaming services, which increased revenue by 5% to bring in £1.6bn.

Physical sales may have fallen 3.8%, but for the first time in 35 years, vinyl has surpassed CD sales in the UK.

In other news, it should be noted that the American McGee, a game developer who worked on various id Software projects in the 90s, repaid a loan to the founder of the studio, John Carmack, 25 years later.

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