Video Games: Publisher Confirms GTA 6 Image Piracy

Credit: Screenshot | Twitter | Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games, the publisher of the GTA video game, confirmed on Monday that it has been hacked. Videos for the sixth installment in the series were uploaded this weekend while the game is still in development.

GTA or Grand Theft Auto, created in 1997, is a series of video games in which the main character develops in one or more environments inspired by American cities such as New York, Miami, San Francisco or Los Angeles. This game is sometimes controversial due to its violent universe. It also received an adult-only classification.

GTA Hack

Expected since the announcement in February 2022, the sixth part of the video game was hacked this weekend. Videos of the new game, which is still in development, have been posted on gamer forums. In total, 90 videos leaked to the network.

Players and fans of the game in particular have been able to discover that for the first time in GTA, it will be possible to select a female character. According to AFP, Bloomberg (NDRL: America’s news agency) reported this information earlier in the year.

But this won’t be the only leak, as the hacker, who goes by the alias “teapotuberhacker”, plans to reveal more images of the game.

The latter is not his first attempt: Uber would have paid the price for this hacker last week.


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