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So far, unlike Sony, Microsoft has held firm by maintaining the price of its next generation Xbox Series console. But the American firm then warned that it could not guarantee its base price forever. Well, the news just dropped, the X and S models will increase to launch in Japan.

Xbox Series: the price increases by about 36 euros

“Therefore, a price increase of 5,000 yen has been announced starting from February 17th. That is around 36 euros. “After carefully assessing market conditions in Japan, we have decided to change the MSRP for the Xbox console in that country. We regularly evaluate the impact of local prices to maintain reasonable consistency across regions. This pricing review is impacting our customers and it has been a difficult decision, but going forward we will continue to deliver the ultimate Xbox experience our customers expect.” we could read in the Microsoft press release via Gematsu given by VG Chartz.

It remains to be determined whether this increase will be effective in the rest of the world and in particular in Europe. And if so, when exactly? To follow carefully. Stay Connected.

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