Video games. Sell ​​fewer consoles and more games? Xbox’s bet for the future

The logo of the xCloud project of Xbox, the armed arm of Microsoft in the video game. (INA FASSBENDER / AFP)

Outpaced by Nintendo and PlayStation, Xbox explores new ways of playing beyond the simple framework of the console. This is confirmed this week with the launch in test version of new possibilities for its xCloud service, on which Microsoft has been working for several years now.

xCloud aims to offer the possibility of playing games on any device equipped with a screen and an internet connection, in particular mobiles, tablets or even PCs, explanation with Brice N’Guessan, director of the drafting of Video Games Magazine.

Games on tablets or mobiles have been around for years. Where is the difference?

Brice N’Guessan: The difference is, the power of your device doesn’t matter. As long as you have an internet connection you can stream a latest generation game with the most advanced graphics. This is possible because your game is not on your machine but on a server. This is the principle already used by VOD platforms such as Netflix, Salto or even Amazon Prime.

“By using a simple internet browser you no longer need to sell consoles”

Brice N’Guessan

Video Games Magazine

So far xCloud was only available for Android phones but this week Xbox has offered a defining evolution?

Yes, Xbox has made a giant leap forward since xCloud can now work with a simple internet browser like Chrome, Edge or Safari. You just have to open your internet browser on your smartphone or PC to play. There is no better way to democratize your service.

Play from a browser, Google has been offering it since 2019 with the Stadia service, which has not been very successful. Can Xbox succeed where a giant like Google failed?

Xbox is taking its time before fully launching its service by performing numerous tests with players, while waiting for the deployment of 5G for phones. But where Xbox has an advantage is that it already has a community of players, known and exclusive games, which Google has never had.

Like Google, we find this desire to address a wider audience …

By using a simple internet browser you no longer need to sell consoles. The outlook is much broader. Remember that the cumulative sales of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are around 250 million units worldwide. This is surprisingly little, given a potential market of three billion players.

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