Video games: Sony wants to train its own tiktokers

PublishedJune 17, 2022, 07:30

A Japanese firm has published a tool that makes it easy to share game sequences between players.

Everything comes from the Share Factory studio for PS5.


Sony has introduced a new quick edit mode for its PlayStation 5 (PS5). It lets you create videos in predefined formats like TikTok, which he called Bits. Players can use it to create clips from their gameplay which they can then share. They can also find more settings in quick edit mode. New Bits styles should be added regularly for certain occasions, seasons, or current fashions.

“Our goal is to make creating short gameplay videos very easy and fun to share cool achievements, jokes, tricks and any other engaging content,” the PS5 Official Blog says.

The new feature is integrated into Share Factory Studio, PlayStation’s free editing software that allows gamers to capture and edit gameplay footage directly on their consoles and share it on social media.

The app comes with advanced video and audio editing features, including HDR video support and the ability to add animations, stickers, filters, and other voice effects.


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