Video Games: The Last of Us, from excellent to [presque] perfect

Less than 10 years after its first release, Naughty Dog is laughing – for the second time! – his masterpiece The Last of Us, this time to give him a new life on the PlayStation 5. And while some will reproach them for diligence, one thing is certain: the result is breathtaking.

Few games have been updated as often in such a short period of time as The Last of Us. While we can applaud Naughty Dog’s dedication to its franchise, we can also question the relevance of a new overhaul.

But let’s put that question aside to judge this re-release for what it is: a completely new port offered for the new generation PlayStation console. Why not ? Because, let’s remember, the weight of years on the first chapter of this saga was underlined by the release of its flawless sequel in the summer of 2020.

More realistic

This gap, once quite wide and deep, is practically non-existent today. Because The Last of Us, which we are served today, has been completely redesigned visually. Thus, realism takes a huge step forward, as evidenced by the super-detailed landscapes and facial expressions of the characters, now infinitely more detailed and full.

The integration of new technologies specific to the DualSense controller also has a lot to do with it. Adaptive triggers are well used with resistance varying depending on the choice of weapon the player is wielding.

Otherwise, the plot remains untouched.

So we return to the very beginning of the adventure where Joel, a father whose daughter died two decades ago, must protect young Ellie. The latter may well be the key to saving humanity, destroyed by a mysterious infection that turns people into ugly and bloodied creatures.

From a different angle

This status quo is especially welcome, the plot turned out to be the main element that did not suffer the slightest wrinkle. On the contrary, even. Because today we’re seeing this story in a whole new light, now that we’ve gone through The Last of Us Part II, during which we accompanied Ellie as an adult.

The only problem? Naughty Dog could have taken advantage of this new port to improve some of the elements that were wrong in the original game, starting with weapon leveling, always accompanied by endless animations that were a bit wobbly.

But here’s a little detail that in no way affected our enjoyment of being reunited with Ellie and Joel on their very first adventure together.

  • The Last of Us Part I ★★★★1⁄2

Available on PS5

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