Video games: the pleasure of winter sports!

Do you hate winter? Are you a sofa sportsman? Here’s something to make you feel like you could be an Olympic champion!


For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (available through Steam)

Developed by Ubisoft studios in Annecy, “Steep” is about to give way to “Riders Republic”. But, until February, the studios are still running weekly online activities, so why not take advantage? Taking place in the Alps and Alaska, “Steep” offers players an open world environment in which it is possible to practice skiing, paragliding, sledding, snowboarding, base jumping, wingsuit, speedgliding and rocket wing. Phew! Focused on online play (this is the main flaw of the title), “Steep” has the significant advantage of giving the impression of airing … while staying warm!

“SSX” (2012)

For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

New version of the “SSX” series, this snowboard game is a must. The goal is to complete the nine descents offered in real places (unlike previous titles in the series) such as the Himalayas. It is also possible to explore the game world freely. We note the impressive soundtrack, even if it dates almost … 10 years!


For PlayStation 4 and PC (available through Steam)

Snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding take pride of place in this open-world game. Everything is customizable, including the clothes, which makes “Snow” a game in which you can spend hours without noticing.

“Forza Horizon 4”

For Xbox One, Xbox series and PC

One of the most popular racing games gives pride of place to winter. In this fourth iteration which takes place in an almost imaginary England, the changes of seasons are now included. Every week, the weather conditions change and bring their share of additional challenges. In winter, this translates into snow, frost and ice, which also helps reach places that are impossible to reach in other seasons.

“Infinite Air with Mark McMorris”

For Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC (available through Steam)

Canadian champion Mark McMorris lends his name to this snowboarding game. In addition to the open world, “gamers” have access to an editor that allows them to create personalized environments. The online game offers the possibility of competing against friends as well as sharing routes. In addition, “Infinite Air with Mark McMorris” offers to participate in real competitions and includes other champions of this sport such as Danny Davis or Silje Norendal. In short, lots of fun!


Free for Linux, Windows and OSX via

Currently in development – that’s why it’s free – “Snowtopia” is a simulation of ski resort development. It is up to the players to create the perfect conditions in order to attract vacationers from all walks of life. Created by Tea for Two, an independent Parisian studio, “Snowtopia” is, even in its current form, extremely promising. So, if you feel like trying the game, you won’t regret it.


For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Here is the youngest of the famous sports franchise. Among the novelties of this quality edition developed in the studios of EA Sports Vancouver, the “Be A Pro” mode has received a lot of attention, the career of a player is now a full experience including comments, and there’s a new conversation system with non-playable characters (NPCs or NPCs).

For phones

“Roller Polar” (for iOS and Android): a polar bear rolling down a slope. Obstacles to avoid. What more?

“A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build” (for iOS and Android): An absolutely adorable, award-winning puzzle game.

“Ice Rage” (for iOS and Android): a quick game of hockey? This is where it happens.

“Alto’s Adventure” (for iOS and Android): snowboarding again, but this time on the phone and with a visual that makes it very artistic.

The waste of useful time of the week

“Winter Walk”, for iOS and Android, is a fun little app. You play as a British gentleman during the Victorian era. You are therefore dressed accordingly, including the top hat. The objective of this game for all ages is simple: you need to walk the streets in winter as long as possible … without losing your hat. And, like any good Englishman, the character in the red scarf enjoys making very “British” humoristic thoughts.

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