Video games. Top 5 titles that marked their time and influenced the genre

If you spend hours on video games today, it is because the older generations have succeeded in making their innovations, ideas and game mechanics fruitful. There are many titles that have greatly influenced the way the game is viewed. video game and player experience. Of Pac-Man at Fortnite Passing by Space Invaders, check out our list of the five most influential video games.

1 – Pac-Man

Released in the 80s, Pac-Man has had a huge impact in pop culture. Moreover, even today everyone knows what is Pac-Man and what the star character of the game looks like. He was one of the very first blockbusters in the world of video games, with the appearance of many derivative products, songs, books, but also the creation of a cartoon. Arcade gaming and the Atari 2600 quickly became a real phenomenon.

Pac-Man and the ghost hunt. | NAMCO

2 – Space Invaders

Released in 1978, Space Invaders is the first shooting game and especially the first video game to have the ability to record player scores. The latter simply had to enter their initials next to the number of points they had obtained, and that obviously started a lot of competitions between friends in the arcades. It was so popular in Japan that in 1979 it resulted in a shortage of the 100 yen coins needed to launch the game on the terminals.

Space Invaders and the fashion for records. | TAITO

3 – Minecraft

Minecraft is arguably one of the greatest games of the last decade. Released on PC in 2011, it completely dominated the competition and significantly influenced the way we could use video games. Many YouTubers have started careers with videos on Minecraft and even ten years later, its popularity does not wane. The game continues to be regularly updated with new features and modifications being created by the hundreds by programmers.

Minecraft has changed the way we watch video games. | MOJANG

4 – Fortnite

Fortnite It may not have been released until 2017, but the game has made a significant impact in recent years, including launching the fashion for the Battle Royals. If PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came before, Fortnite’s influence has been much greater, whether in titles released afterwards, or in its use of pop culture. The game even had the honor of unveiling a trailer for one of the last films. Star wars, and to offer a concert by Travis Scott. Just that, it commands respect.

A growing influence for Fortnite. | EPIC GAMES

5 – Grand Theft Auto

If today you spend hours and hours completing a game 100%, from the main story to side quests, to finding treasures and mysteries, you owe it to yourself to Grand Theft Auto, and more precisely his third opus. The franchise’s first 3D game, it takes the player to the streets of Liberty City with his criminals and corrupt police. It offers almost total freedom to the player who can travel to all corners of the city and do whatever they want. This is a real revolution and an inspiration for many games that have been released since.

GTA and its world open to many missions. | ROCKSTAR GAMES
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Many video games have influenced the industry of the sector.

Video games. Top 5 titles that marked their time and influenced the

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