Video games. We tested Evil Dead on Xbox One Series S

80s when you hold us It was during this time that Sam Raimi wrote the first opus of The Evil Dead. It will be followed by two titles, and the latter will soon have to mark the end of his bloody axe. It was in the days of horror films without really technical means: no green screen, no graphic tricks… It was more about forest scenes, with human-sized wheat fields, like we don’t have. see too much of it more in our countryside, or snowy landscapes where you could smell the fetid and icy breath of some kind of ghost.

Collaboration Above All

Several game modes are available: single player mode, the episodes of which are gradually unlocked due to our progress. Then the multiplayer mode, which remains the most interesting. If the title was “Friday the 13th Game” we’d love the Extermination mode. But here solidarity prevails: whether it’s 4 characters against the forces of evil or against the demon incarnated by the player, four heroes against AI or alone with opponents and companions, who are assisted by the PC. Or the last option is to customize the game yourself.
In total, we will choose from a dozen demons or people. Their specificity is based on a significant number of talents, which themselves are divided into three ranks. Which portends a hellish life to fully reveal what they are capable of. Roles are inspired by online role-playing games: tank, DPS, healer or support.

Guaranteed Atmosphere

With the same success, one can immediately declare: the party of the forces of evil is gloomy. Whether it’s rain, snow or wind, the planted sets are clearly reminiscent of abandoned locations in 80s horror movies. . Then you need to collect three pieces of cards and then protect two artifacts before you can clearly attack the demons. In the meantime, the map is inhabited by skeletons from faults and other joys. Their preference is given to those whose fear intensifies, especially if the person is alone. This fear leads after a while to hypnotic paralysis. The combat sequence then begins between the partners. Or take a character from a series or a movie to the team that will relieve this anxiety. We suspect that hemoglobin flows freely. The fights are wild, one-on-one and extra persecution of an already dead demon. Which leads to an undesirable break to continue with others, and it breaks the rhythm terribly.

We won?

Yes, we confirm that co-op will be the key to longevity. However, the small number of maps as well as the repetitive environments will make you think about a possible title routine. Luckily, the merry gang of “deadlight” butchers can look forward to the evolution of the characters’ skills, which are pretty fueled. Will The Evil Dead last as long as the series of the same name? Nothing less confident. Undoubtedly, regular content will be required to maintain the title.

Rated 14/20.

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