Video games: women, more and more numerous since confinement

For a year now, this has been the new entertainment for Céline Cercel, mother of a family. About ten hours a week, she plays video games. Alone or with her six-year-old son, she is one of the 400,000 women to have adopted this hobby in 2020, far from the clichés of a world reserved for men. This is a distraction for the one who lost her job in the restaurant business. Games for getting away from it all but also for having fun with friends, despite the distance. “We confine ourselves a little bit together through video games,” she says.

Maya Melka, too, has become addicted to video games. This 34-year-old executive devours both puzzle and action games. On weekends, she can play for up to eight hours a day. And like many passionate news, it was her spouse who converted her. He does not sulk his pleasure either. “Being able to do it together was a big experience sharing,” he says. According to a recent study by video game publishers, more than one in two players in France is a woman.


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