Video games: Xbox hunts down unwanted noise

PublishedSeptember 8, 2022, 11:32 am

video gamesXbox hunts for extraneous noise

Players can now get around some of the annoying sounds that occur in group chats.

Despite the fact that gamers are used to extraneous sounds, they should not miss their absence.


Like graphics chip specialist Nvidia, Microsoft is battling noise that interferes with player conversations. The maker of the Xbox Series X and S consoles has implemented a feature that treats various common ailments such as heavy breathing, loud frantic clicks, or deafening background music.

Confident in its merits, Microsoft even enabled it by default, while leaving the option to keep this sound effect for gamers who consider it part of the atmosphere of their game. “Just open the guide, scroll down to the Parties & Chats section, and select Options. There you can activate or deactivate noise cancellation,” the Redmond-based firm explains on its official page.

Noise reduction on the Xbox X and S consoles is similar to the Krisp audio filters designed for the Discord chat platform and Nvidia Broadcast software.

Fast friends in action

That’s not the only thing new with this new Xbox Dashboard update. Microsoft also took the opportunity to allow contacts to quickly play the same game on their mobile device or PC thanks to cloud gaming,” explains the video game giant. The guest can play directly in their browser, as is done with Google Stadia, the firm’s cloud-based search engine service.


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