Video games: ZEvent charity marathon raises more than 10 million euros for environmental associations

In three days, 57 streaming stars raised funds by completing several tasks.

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Published on 12.09.2022 08:15

Updated on 12.09.2022 08:56

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This is a new record. The charity marathon of video games Z Event on Monday, September 12, raised more than 10 million euros. This year, four environmental organizations became beneficiaries of the project: Sea Shepherd, The League of Birds (LPO), The Sea Cleaners and WWF.

For three days, from Friday 6:00 pm to Monday 02:00 am, 57 video game streaming stars raised funds through several tasks. These tasks, called “donation goals”, are offered by players and they will complete them if the displayed donation goal is reached. In 2021, ZEvent has already raised over €10 million for the NGO Action Against Hunger, a far cry from the €170,000 raised in 2016.

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